Brazilian Supreme Court Rules that Sex With Children Not a Crime


By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

SAO PAULO, June 7, 2009

The Brazilian Supreme Court and a lower appeals court have nullified two sentences against child sex abusers in recent months on the grounds that their behavior did not constitute a crime under Brazilian law, sparking a protest from the United Nations.

On June 23, Brazil’s Superior Tribunal of Justice (the nation’s Supreme Court for cases not involving Constitutional law) upheld the acquittal of several men who had paid two girls, 12 and 13 years of age, to have sexual intercourse with them, on the grounds that prostitution was not covered by child sex abuse statutes.

The men, one of whom has been identified as a Brazilian sports celebrity, reportedly took photos of the encounter.

Although the fact that the men engaged in sexual intercourse with the girls was apparently not in doubt, the Tribunal of Justice of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul had ruled that it was not a crime, because the girls were engaged in prostitution. Brazil’s Superior Tribunal agreed, upholding the lower court ruling.

“The prostitutes waited for the client in the street, and are no longer people who enjoy a good image in society,” the judge ruled in the original case, adding that “prostitution is such an old profession and is considered to be barely a moral abuse, but never a crime subject to penalty.”

Ariel de Castro Alves, a member of Brazil’s National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, expressed horror at the ruling.

“The decision is almost a license for abuse and exploitation to be committed without punishment. Currently, cases like these are difficult to punish,” she told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo. “It is a difficult process, that involves impediments, and very often, threats against the victims and their families. When punishment is possible, we have an absurd decision like this.”

The decision is also being denounced by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

“As incredible as it may seem, the argument used is that the accused did not commit a crime, because the children had been sexually exploited before by other people,” the organization commented in a public statement.

“Moreover, the decision causes indignation, because of the insensitivity of the judiciary regarding the circumstance of vulnerability to which the girls are subject,” the statement continued. “The case also establishes a dangerous precedent: that sexual exploitation is acceptable when it is paid for, as if our children are for sale in the perverse market of adult power.”

In a second case, reported in Brazil on June 5 by legal commentator Renato Pacca, an appeals court in the state of Rio Grande do Sul overturned the conviction of a 30-year-old man who admitted that he had had anal sex with his 13-year-old brother.

According to the prosecutor, the accused, who has not been named in the Brazilian media, “through real and presumed violence, forced his three minor brothers who were 9, 12, and 13 years of age, to practice various libidinous acts of sexual intercourse during the time period in question, consisting in showing them pornographic films, submitting them to various sexual services, and practicing anal coitus.”

Although the accused confessed to molesting his 13-year-old brother, and although he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, he was absolved on appeal to the Fifth Criminal Chamber of the state’s Tribunal of Justice because the child had “requested it.”

According to the text of the judgment, “sexual promiscuity was the tonic of domestic life, and this reality is sufficiently attested by the natural way the topic was confronted by the supposed victims.”

The 13 year old “effectively consented to have sexual relations with his brother” the court said, by “sitting on the lap of his brother, arguing that ‘I knew that was wrong’ and that, in the act, he had the role of the woman and the accused the role of the man.”

Prosecutors appealed the case to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, which, in contrast to the other, similar case regarding the two girls, overturned the appeals court ruling and restored the original sentence.

Contact Information:

Embassy of Brazil in the USA
3006 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 238-2700
Fax: (202) 238-2827

Embassy of Brazil in Canada
450 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8
Phone: (613) 237-1090 or (613) 755-5160
Fax: (613) 237-6144

Embassy of Brazil in the United Kingdom
32 Green Street
London W1K 7AT
Phone: 020 73999000
Fax: 020 73999100

Embassies of Brazil to other Nations:

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Did Michael Jackson repent, accept Christ?


Pop idol reached out to Gospel star Andrae Crouch before death

Gospel superstar Andrae Crouch and his twin sister, Sandra, confirm meeting with Michael Jackson and praying and singing with him weeks before his death.

Jackson, raised as a member of the Jehovah’s Witness sect and reportedly a convert to Islam last year, sought out the Crouches for inspiration for his upcoming tour, for which he was unprepared, according to a report in Assist News Service.

But while some blogs have reported that meeting led to a spiritual conversion by Jackson, the Crouches say they are not certain.

“Not sure where that came from,” said Sandra Crouch on her Facebook page. “We loved and respected Michael and will continue to pray for his family. All the extra is not from us.”

A spokesman for the Crouches had this to add: “Andrae and Sandra did in fact visit with Michael Jackson two times, once at the recording studio, and once at his home in the last two months, as recently as three weeks ago, asking for prayer concerning the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and how he could make his music more ‘spiritual.’ So Andrae and Sandra explained to him about the anointing and about Jesus. He wanted to know what makes your hands go up, and makes you ‘come out of yourself,’ and what gives a ‘spirituality’ to the music? He then requested to hear his favorite song that he loves and wanted the(m) to sing to him, so they … joined hands and sang together, and he said, ‘It was beautiful.’ He first heard it in New York, and loved it and wanted it on tape. He had the engineer tape the song sang to him by Andrae and Sandra. He definitely had an encounter with them.”

Was there evidence of a conversion?

The Crouch spokesman said: “He did NOT reject Jesus or the prayer when (we) prayed, and gladly joined in prayer. He usually doesn’t touch anybody, but he touched them, and held their hands in a circle as they sang and prayed. There was NO actual ‘sinners prayer’ however, but they did talk and pray about Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. They also told him, ‘Michael, we consider you as our son,’ and he said, ‘Yes, yes, yes’ and gave him his latest music on a CD, and he told him, ‘Andrae I trust you with this,’ and gave him CDs of 2 songs … unpublished, beautiful music.”

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47 minutes of abortion sting video released


Pro-lifers challenge Planned Parenthood to be equally open

The full 47 minutes of a video done by Live Action Films revealing Indianapolis Planned Parenthood staff members covering up a reported statutory rape has been released, along with a challenge from pro-life activists for the abortion industry leader to be equally open.

The video, available on the Live Action Films website, reveals in real time the sequence of events highlighted in an earlier edited release.

As WND reported at the time, the video shows a staff member for Planned Parenthood counseling a “pregnant 13-year-old” to avoid mandatory statutory rape reporting laws by suggesting the patient look into the states that surround Indiana.

In Indiana, sex involving an adult and a 13-year-old is a felony, and any time a minor under 14 is involved, law enforcement must be contacted immediately. However, the video released by reveals a counselor suggesting how the requirements can be avoided.

Just days earlier, the organization unveiled a video about a pro-life activist, 20-year-old Lila Rose, going into a Bloomington, Ind., Planned Parenthood facility undercover where a “nurse” ignored the apparent felony of a young teen pregnant by a 31-year-old and coached the “patient” to protect the assailant.

Now Live Action has released the full 47-minute video of the undercover operation in Indianapolis, with the unedited footage showing the story in real time as clinic employees met Rose, again posing as a 13-year-old, and heard her describe how a 31-year-old man had impregnated her.

Lila Rose

“Once in the counseling room, a Planned Parenthood nurse assured Rose that she would not report the statutory rape and instructed her how to obtain a secret abortion across state lines,” the organization said.

But Rose also challenged Planned Parenthood to show transparency.

Citing a letter released earlier, Rose called on Betty Cockrum, president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, to release the company’s data on how often it provides birth control, pregnancy testing, STD testing and abortion services to minors under the age of 14 and how often it has reported these cases to Child Protective Services.

The organization has not responded, Rose said.

“If Planned Parenthood has concern for the children of Indiana, as they claim, why don’t they disclose the statistics that will help law enforcement apprehend the scope of the problem?” Rose said. “We are willing to be open and transparent about our methods and activities because we have nothing to hide.

“Can Planned Parenthood of Indiana say the same?”

The organization eventually may have no choice. Rose said state authorities in Indiana now may open an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s handling of statutory rape cases.

The video is part of Live Action Films’ Mona Lisa Project, which across the summer of 2008 documented inside information about the abortion industry.

The project says despite “a consistent pattern of lawlessness and abuse, Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million from taxpayers.”

The tax-exempt “nonprofit” also netted $100 million in profits last year.

One Planned Parenthood staff resigned following release of the Indianapolis video. When the similar video was released from the Bloomington, Ind., Planned Parenthood, one employee was fired.

Rose, who already was honored for her pro-life work this year, also recently was named the 2008 Person of the Year by Operation Rescue.

“Lila Rose exemplifies the new wave of pro-life activism and best reflects Operation Rescue’s own efforts to expose illegal conduct in our nation’s abortion mills,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

“Her work has helped raise public awareness of the seedy underbelly of the abortion industry and has helped to launch criminal investigations that we pray will eventually hold out-of- control abortionists accountable for their criminal acts,” he said.

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‘Gays’ crush Christian speech


TV stations cave to homosexual lobby, refuse to reveal LGBT agenda

By Chelsea Schilling

Several television stations are caving to pressure from the homosexual community and refusing to run “Speechless: Silencing Christians,” a one-hour paid program sponsored by the American Family Association.

WOOD-TV 8, a television station in Grand Rapids, Mich., has decided against airing the special about the agenda of homosexual activists and their impact on families and freedom of religion.

According to the Grand Rapids Press, “In a letter promoting the program, the American Family Association asserts that most Americans get their ‘information about the homosexual movement from the secular news media and Hollywood, which not only support but promote the gay agenda. What people know is tainted by pro-homosexual propaganda.'”

WSYX in Columbus, Ohio, has also refused the air the program. WSPA in Greenville, S.C., reportedly ran the special, but then it issued an apology from the station manager.

“Speechless” features stories about Christians who have been arrested and charged with felonies for preaching the gospel. According to the film, many are living in situations where they have been intimidated into silence.

A former lesbian speaks about her conversion to Christianity.

“The gay community wants tolerance,” she said. “They can’t tolerate a story like mine that says, you know, I used to be gay, but with the help of Jesus, I’ve been able to overcome that.”

According to one man in the film, Christians are often portrayed as “mean and hateful.”

“It creates a context where violence is being perpetrated against Christians,” he said.

The special, hosted by talk show host Janet Parshall, emphasizes the media’s role in promotion of homosexuals’ “radical agenda,” and includes examples of how television shows and movies such as “Friends,” “Will & Grace,” “The L-Word,” “The War at Home,” “ER” and “Entourage” attempt to persuade viewers that aversions to homosexuality stem from bigotry and ignorance.

“Speechless” explores the homosexual lobby’s impact on school curriculums. Videos promoted as anti-bullying actually endorsed “gay” lifestyles, and students were forced to view them during school hours. It claims homosexual lobbyists also push for “gay” literature in schools.

According to the program, the homosexual activist agenda demands same-sex “marriage,” teaches children that homosexuality is normal, promotes homosexual service in the armed forces, pushes for hate crime laws that threaten freedom of speech, calls for laws forcing Christian business to hire homosexuals and insists upon reserving minority status and preferential treatment for them.

“If you think that agenda is bad for America, you must do something,” a female voiceover states.

While WOOD-TV 8 moved the original airing from a Monday slot before President Barack Obama’s 8 p.m. news conference to a Saturday afternoon spot, it finally decided against running it altogether.

“We made a gesture of the 2-3 p.m. Saturday time period. It’s been 24 hours and we had no response,” station General Manager Diane Kniowski told the Grand Rapids Press in a statement Wednesday.

“Our station is being bombarded with calls and messages, and we find ourselves in the middle of someone else’s fight. Ours was a fair offer and we are removing ourselves from this matter,” Kniowski said.

The Human Rights Campaign, a pro-homosexual organization, issued a national alert against the film and urged people to call for its cancellation.

“I am so proud of our members who answered the lies and distortions of the AFA and stopped this campaign of hate and deception,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Our community stood up and would not let those lies stand.”

“This should be our wake up call. We are poised to make real progress, for the first time, for millions of LGBT Americans. We know it and so do our opponents,” added Solmonese. “We must stand guard and not allow them to stop these overdue, basic protections by rolling out the same, tired script albeit in new packaging.”

He continued, “Today’s action proves we have the voices and the power to demand a fair fight and a fair debate.”

The entire video is available online.

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Bill forces shots on all children


Homeschoolers fight state legislation that criminalizes parents who object

By Ron Strom

West Virginia homeschooling families and others were scheduled to stage two rallies today to protest a proposed bill that would require every child in the state to have a record of compulsory immunizations.

The legislation, Senate Bill 439, stipulates “any parent or guardian who refuses to permit his or her child to be immunized” would face a criminal charge.

The rallies, sponsored by West Virginians for Vaccination Exemption, were scheduled to take place at the state Capitol in Charleston and outside the Marion County Courthouse in Fairmont.

“If passed, this bill will turn all West Virginian parents who choose not to vaccinate for religious reasons into criminals or force them to move to another state,” Helen Tucker, co-founder of WVVE and state chair of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia, said in a statement.

Unlike 48 other states, West Virginia currently does not have a provision for a religious or philosophical exemption. However, families can assert they have sufficient medical reason for not immunizing a child, which works, in effect, like an exemption. The new bill would do away with that right.

The legislation, which is sponsored by Sen. Joseph M. Minard and Sen. Roman Prezioso, both Democrats, also adds hepatitis B and chickenpox vaccines to the list of mandatory shots. WVVE says the chickenpox vaccine is manufactured with human cell cultures obtained from abortions and is objectionable to many parents for religious reasons.

Reads the bill, in part: “The state has a compelling interest in protecting the health of all citizens of this state, especially our children. With vaccines widely available to reduce or prevent the incidence of disease, the state bureau for public health has determined that the point of school entry is the best time to confirm each child’s record of compulsory immunization from the diseases enumerated in subsection (c) of this section.”

The bill establishes a fine of between $100 and $500 for any parent who refuses to show the state a valid immunization record for his or her child.

WVVE is demanding the bill be amended to:

  1. include religious and philosophical exemption from all mandatory vaccinations;
  2. eliminate all penalties for parents who choose not to vaccinate;
  3. require vaccinations only for children attending school;
  4. restore physicians’ rights to exercise individual judgment in issuing medical exemptions; and
  5. eliminate the state’s “compelling interest” that supersedes parental choice and requires compulsory immunizations for “each child.”

The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, is also involved in the protest of the bill.

Commented Euteneuer in a statement: “Along with Mississippi, West Virginia is the only state to forbid religious vaccine exemptions. This bill goes even further by prohibiting physicians from granting medical exemptions according to what they believe is best for each patient. Senate Bill 439 would also make West Virginia the only state to force homeschoolers to be immunized.

“It is deplorable that the West Virginia department of health is attempting to mandate these vaccines without an exemption,” said the minister. “State officials have a moral and legal responsibility to uphold parents’ constitutional right to make an informed decision about the medical care their children receive. They’re taking the fruit of the poison tree and making us eat it.”

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association, or HSLDA, opposes the legislation.

Scott Woodruff, an attorney with the organization, explained the bill leaves families with religious or philosophical objections to vaccinations no recourse.

If the bill passes, Woodruff told WND, “There would be no way a family with religious exemptions could defend itself. They would have no way of winning an argument in front of a judge.”

Continued Woodruff, “We are going to communicate to our members that this bill strips parents of important rights.” He says HSLDA will e-mail its members in West Virginia informing them of the proposal.

“This bill would take away a very important right to direct the health care of children,” Woodruff said. “Fundamentally, it’s the parents who should direct the health care of their own children, not the government.”

Woodruff mentioned data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate an exemption from vaccines does not cause a higher occurrence of diseases.

“In areas of preventing disease, we have to give parents wide discretion,” he said.

A second reading of the bill in the state Senate is scheduled for tomorrow. A final vote could occur as early as Thursday.

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‘Gay’ pedophilia and Obama

By Linda Harvey

I’d been wondering what Kevin Jennings was doing these days. Jennings is the founder and long-time head of the radical homosexual group GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. GLSEN’s mission has been to plant “gay” clubs and training programs in as many schools as possible. GLSEN now claims 4,000 “gay-straight alliances” exist, although this number is doubtful.

Certainly, there are way too many. The group’s target has been to place these clubs in all U.S. schools, K through 12. If you think a kindergartener signing up for a “gay” club is ludicrous, you are not alone.

But Jennings has moved on to better things. He’s now the Obama campaign fundraising co-chair for the “LGBT” community – that’s “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered.” You can listen to Jennings lay out the rights-oriented rhetoric in two interviews with Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign, on the website “LGBT for Obama.”

Their conversation, reviewing Jennings’ record, dwells on preventing bullying of “gay” kids. Jennings constructed this Trojan horse for access to schools despite the ability of every community to punish school bullying without accommodating the “gay” agenda. This smokescreen hides the pornographic reality of GLSEN’s “support” for kids under Jennings’ leadership.

Remember the book “Queering Elementary Education,” with the gushing blurb on the back from Obama’s radical “social justice” colleague Bill Ayers? Well, the same book has a foreword written by Jennings. In researching GLSEN over the years, I’ve found horrific elements of what can only be called child sexual corruption. The more closely one reads the GLSEN material, the worse it gets.

Just about every type of sexual practice imaginable is apparently acceptable and even worthy of “celebration” by any age student or teacher as far as GLSEN is concerned. GLSEN also supports gender-distortion through cross-dressing, even for elementary school children.

Is this the kind of “school reform” Obama has in mind?

Some of GLSEN’s recommended reading material implicitly condones criminal sexual contact between adults with minors. Many such incidents are described in erotic and nostalgic passages. I’ve yet to see “warnings” about the episodes in these books, which surely mislead thousands of vulnerable kids. I wrote in detail about what I will share below in 2002, yet the books in question, and many more just as objectionable, are still offered by GLSEN for sale on its site.

The problem starts with Jennings’ own writings in books like “One Teacher In 10.” Jennings’ dream world is one where openly “gay” teachers serve as role models who influence students’ sexual conduct. In the first edition of this book, Jennings, a former teacher, relates his encounter with a homosexually inclined male student:

Toward the end of my first year, during the spring of 1988, Brewster appeared in my office in the tow of one of my advisees … to whom I had been “out” for a long time. “Brewster has something he needs to talk with you about,” she intoned ominously. … On a hunch, I suddenly asked, “What’s his name?” Brewster’s eyes widened briefly, and then out spilled a story about his involvement with an older man he had met in Boston. I listened, sympathized, offered advice. He left my office with a smile on his face. … (“One Teacher in 10: Gay and Lesbian Educators tell their Stories,” Alyson Publications, 1994.)

What did Jennings recommend to Brewster that brought a smile to his face? It sounds like he affirmed this teen/adult homosexual relationship, instead of contacting the boy’s parents or the authorities. Is this just the kind of wisdom we hope Obama consultants use in formulating education policy? Child predators as implementers of “social justice,” perhaps?

The book “Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian,” recommended on the GLSEN website for kids in grades seven to 12, describes two 10-year-old boys in a very graphic sexual encounter (pp.99-100). In the same book, an adult man named Eliot reflects on his youth:

My first experience was with a much older man, a friend of Derek’s [his father]. … When I was 15, he must have been 29, 30 … I seduced him. … It was a wild night. We did everything.

This is the dearest fantasy of pedophiles and pederasts – the pretense that the youth seduces them.

Another GLSEN recommended book, “Rainbow Boys,” features an episode of homosexual sex between one of the main characters, a 17-year-old boy, and a 29-year-old man he has just met via the Internet ( p. 148). Again, a great influence for kids.

Fluid sexual activity and homosexual experimentation is another common theme in GLSEN-recommended books. “My sexuality is as fluid, infinite, undefinable, and ever-changing as the north-flowing river. … Sexuality is not black or white … it is gray. … I know that defining myself is not so simple. …” writes a 16-year-old in “Revolutionary Voices : A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology” (p.167).

Another girl writes in the same book: “I am a 15-year-old dyke artist and activist. I’ve got flaming pink hair and a passion for genderf-k in both directions” (p. 28).

I could go on and on, unfortunately. The GLSEN “Book Link” introduction states that the selections are recommended to “… empower our mission to ensure safe schools for all LGBT students.”

So finally, then, this is what is meant by “safe schools”: lots of weird, early sex by kids, some of it with adults.

Obama needs to remove Kevin Jennings immediately from this position. And voters need some answers to the following questions:

  • Does Obama believe children are “born gay” and should be able to declare this identity in grade school and join a “gay” club? Kevin Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe consensual relationships between 15-year-olds and 29-nine-year-olds are OK? Jennings thinks so. (Some think Planned Parenthood does, too – another question for Obama.)
  • Does Obama believe a “safe” school is one where no one can criticize homosexual behavior? Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe that, with the CDC reporting HIV rates rising around 12 percent per year for 13 to 24-year-old males who have sex with males (MSM), we still cannot tell our boys to abstain from homosexual behavior? Will he appoint clueless federal health officials? Kevin Jennings would approve.
  • Does Obama believe kids can decide at age 9 or 10 that they were born in the wrong body, want to switch genders and have schools support this disorder? Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe the Christian moral standard that homosexuality is wrong needs to be suppressed and depicted as “hateful” in the public square, including schools? Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe that if same-sex “marriage” is legalized, this new “law” should be shoved down the throats of all children and their parents via social engineering in public schools? Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe that “social justice” and “school reform” require students to not just tolerate, but approve of homosexuality and gender change? That the “yuck” factor simply will not be allowed, because it reflects bigotry? Jennings does.

If we want a totalitarian, pansexual society, with its accompanying disease, dysfunction and abuse, and no room for nobility, goodness and tradition, then we need to make sure we vote for Obama with all his various revolutionary hangers-on, including Jennings.

If, on the other hand, we envision another America, it’s time to speak up now.

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America and author of the new book “Not My Child: Contemporary Paganism and the New Spirituality” (AMG Publishers). : , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Hiding teen ‘rapes’ continues at Planned Parenthood


3rd video showing assault on ’15-year-old’ brings no report

By Bob Unruh

A new video released by the same people who caught Planned Parenthood businesses in Indiana ignoring an apparent case of statutory rape in their rush to offer a juvenile an abortion now have released a video about the Margaret Sanger Center in Tucson, Ariz., where a nurse apparently has done the same thing.

An undercover pro-life activist who visited the Tucson Planned Parenthood business, explaining she was 15 and her boyfriend was 27, was told how to go to court to obtain an abortion without having her parents notified, and was encouraged not to have her 27-year-old “boyfriend” along when she appeared in court.

The video was posted on YouTube by Live Action Films, which had posted videos earlier revealing the results of its undercover investigations in Indiana.

A spokeswoman for the Planned Parenthood business in Tucson told WND officials “are aware” of the film.

“Currently, we’re looking into it. We do take this very seriously,” said spokeswoman Jo Nestor.

The video from Live Action Films explained that in Arizona, sex between an adult and a 15-year-old is a felony, and “if an adult-child sexual relationship is revealed, law enforcement must be contacted immediately.”

The video reveals how an undercover activist goes into the clinic, identifies herself as Lizzie and provides an age of 15. Her “boyfriend’s” age of 27 also is revealed.

The Planned Parenthood worker, whose identity was not immediately revealed, started describing abortion procedures and costs.

The worker promised to give the “patient” the “paperwork” to take to court to obtain a judicial bypass on a parental notification requirement.

She also suggested, “when you go in to see the judge that you dress up nicely, you know, you want to look matureā€¦ I am not saying like a grown women, like an old woman, but, you know, just mature that you know what you are getting into.”

Lila Rose

The age of the boyfriend again was raised.

“Is he not a minor?” the Planned Parenthood nurse, who identifies herself as Araceli, asks. When UCLA student Lila Rose, in her undercover role, says, “He’s 27,” the nurse urges the girls not to bring him to the hearing: “I wouldn’t take him with me, no. I mean: don’t take him.”

The hidden-camera footage results are the work of Rose and her friend, Jackie Stoller.

The two also were integral in obtaining statements from two Planned Parenthood businesses in Indiana that involved similar suspected illegal activity.

The video is the third to be released in a national undercover probe called the “Mona Lisa Project.”

It focuses on Planned Parenthood workers’ response to reports of statutory rape.

In the cases released to date, Planned Parenthood clinics hide the identity of the statutory rapist and offer secret abortions.

“These videos demonstrate that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is entrenched in an organization-wide policy of circumventing state law and covering up the sexual abuse of young girls,” said Rose, Live Action’s president.

In the Indiana cases, both clinics either suspended or fired employees, and state prosecutors have begun investigating, Live Action officials said.

“Our footage gives the Arizona public and law enforcement a rare window into Planned Parenthood’s ruthless abortion-first ideology,” Rose stated. “With abortion as their first and only solution for the abuse victim, Planned Parenthood assists sexual predators by violating the very Arizona state laws that protect children.”

The Sanger Center in Tucson is named after Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who, according to, once suggested Congress set up a “Parliament of Population” whose goal would be “to raise the level and increase the general intelligence of population.”

The webside source said when Germany adopted the principles of eugenics to create a “master race,” Sanger failed to denounce the Nazi tactics. In a letter, she wrote, “The campaign for birth control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical with the final aims of eugenics….”

She included among her beliefs that there are instances when there should be forced prevention of child-bearing.

“The undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind,” she said, according to the website.

WND previously reported on the earlier videos, which remain available at Live Action Films.

One case revealed a staff member for Planned Parenthood counseling a “pregnant 13-year-old” to avoid mandatory statutory rape reporting laws by suggesting the patient look into the states that surround Indiana.

Another showed a “nurse” ignoring the apparent felony of a young teen pregnant by a 31-year-old and coached the “patient” to protect the assailant.

Rose, who has been honored for her pro-life work, also recently was named the 2008 Person of the Year by Operation Rescue.

“Lila Rose exemplifies the new wave of pro-life activism and best reflects Operation Rescue’s own efforts to expose illegal conduct in our nation’s abortion mills,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

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