CBS Considering Gay Dating Ad for Super Bowl


Gay is wrong

By Jennifer Riley

CBS reportedly told a gay dating site that its proposed Super Bowl ad would be reviewed for possible airing and would be considered if a spot becomes available. submitted a 30-second commercial to CBS on Jan. 18 and, as of Jan. 22, CBS reportedly said “the spot hadn’t been officially approved yet” by the network standards and that all spots for the big game on Feb. 7 had been sold out, according to Fox News. But CBS agreed to consider running the ad if an advertiser dropped out.

The ad involves two men watching the Super Bowl when their hands touch as they reach into a chip bowl. The two men then begin to kiss each other as another man sitting nearby watches in shock.

In response to the purported ad, a spokesperson for the conservative pro-family group American Family Association said it would be “totally irresponsible” of the network to air the ad during the most watched TV program of the year.

“CBS should not put parents in the position of answering embarrassing and awkward questions from their children while they’re just trying to enjoy a football game,” said Tim Wildmon, president of AFA, in a statement Thursday. “CBS should quit dithering around and reject this ad out of hand.”

In addition to pressure from pro-family groups, CBS is also coming under fire from pro-choice groups for approving an ad featuring college football star Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam.

Though the exact content of the ad has not been revealed, many are speculating that it will recount Pam Tebow’s refusal to have an abortion while she was pregnant with Tim despite having suffered from a life-threatening infection at the time.

Focus on the Family, which produced the ad, said earlier this month that Pam Tebow would share a personal story centered on the theme of “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”

“The Tebows said they agreed to appear in the commercial because the issue of life is one they feel very strongly about,” Focus on the Family reported.

“Tim and Pam share our respect for life and our passion for helping families thrive,” added Focus on the Family president and CEO Jim Daly.

Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl ad, which still needs to receive final confirmation, will be Christian group’s first Super Bowl commercial.

Super Bowl broadcasts are typically viewed by over 90 million people each year.

This year’s Super Bowl, which pits the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints, will kick off at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 7.

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‘Gays’ crush Christian speech


TV stations cave to homosexual lobby, refuse to reveal LGBT agenda

By Chelsea Schilling

Several television stations are caving to pressure from the homosexual community and refusing to run “Speechless: Silencing Christians,” a one-hour paid program sponsored by the American Family Association.

WOOD-TV 8, a television station in Grand Rapids, Mich., has decided against airing the special about the agenda of homosexual activists and their impact on families and freedom of religion.

According to the Grand Rapids Press, “In a letter promoting the program, the American Family Association asserts that most Americans get their ‘information about the homosexual movement from the secular news media and Hollywood, which not only support but promote the gay agenda. What people know is tainted by pro-homosexual propaganda.'”

WSYX in Columbus, Ohio, has also refused the air the program. WSPA in Greenville, S.C., reportedly ran the special, but then it issued an apology from the station manager.

“Speechless” features stories about Christians who have been arrested and charged with felonies for preaching the gospel. According to the film, many are living in situations where they have been intimidated into silence.

A former lesbian speaks about her conversion to Christianity.

“The gay community wants tolerance,” she said. “They can’t tolerate a story like mine that says, you know, I used to be gay, but with the help of Jesus, I’ve been able to overcome that.”

According to one man in the film, Christians are often portrayed as “mean and hateful.”

“It creates a context where violence is being perpetrated against Christians,” he said.

The special, hosted by talk show host Janet Parshall, emphasizes the media’s role in promotion of homosexuals’ “radical agenda,” and includes examples of how television shows and movies such as “Friends,” “Will & Grace,” “The L-Word,” “The War at Home,” “ER” and “Entourage” attempt to persuade viewers that aversions to homosexuality stem from bigotry and ignorance.

“Speechless” explores the homosexual lobby’s impact on school curriculums. Videos promoted as anti-bullying actually endorsed “gay” lifestyles, and students were forced to view them during school hours. It claims homosexual lobbyists also push for “gay” literature in schools.

According to the program, the homosexual activist agenda demands same-sex “marriage,” teaches children that homosexuality is normal, promotes homosexual service in the armed forces, pushes for hate crime laws that threaten freedom of speech, calls for laws forcing Christian business to hire homosexuals and insists upon reserving minority status and preferential treatment for them.

“If you think that agenda is bad for America, you must do something,” a female voiceover states.

While WOOD-TV 8 moved the original airing from a Monday slot before President Barack Obama’s 8 p.m. news conference to a Saturday afternoon spot, it finally decided against running it altogether.

“We made a gesture of the 2-3 p.m. Saturday time period. It’s been 24 hours and we had no response,” station General Manager Diane Kniowski told the Grand Rapids Press in a statement Wednesday.

“Our station is being bombarded with calls and messages, and we find ourselves in the middle of someone else’s fight. Ours was a fair offer and we are removing ourselves from this matter,” Kniowski said.

The Human Rights Campaign, a pro-homosexual organization, issued a national alert against the film and urged people to call for its cancellation.

“I am so proud of our members who answered the lies and distortions of the AFA and stopped this campaign of hate and deception,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Our community stood up and would not let those lies stand.”

“This should be our wake up call. We are poised to make real progress, for the first time, for millions of LGBT Americans. We know it and so do our opponents,” added Solmonese. “We must stand guard and not allow them to stop these overdue, basic protections by rolling out the same, tired script albeit in new packaging.”

He continued, “Today’s action proves we have the voices and the power to demand a fair fight and a fair debate.”

The entire video is available online.

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McDonald’s surrenders! Boycott declared over


Family group says fast-food giant agrees not to promote ‘gay’ agenda

Following the link from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s website leads to a promotional for children’s Happy Meals at the McDonalds website

A corporate executive for McDonald’s restaurants who had been on board of directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has stepped down following a boycott of the chain organized by the pro-family American Family Association.

McDonald’s officials confirmed today to WND that Richard Ellis, who had been named to the “gay” chamber board after McDonald’s contributed $20,000 to the organization, “made a personal decision to step down” after he accepted a new position with McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada.

McDonald’s officials also told AFA the company has no plans to renew its membership in the special interest group when it expires in December.

“We appreciate the decision by McDonald’s to no longer support political activity by homosexual activist organizations,” AFA chairman Donald E. Wildmon said in a prepared statement.

WND reported in May when McDonald’s signed onto the “gay” agenda, and one executive for the fast-food chain later accused Christian advocates of the traditional family of being motivated by “hate.”

The AFA called for a boycott and established a website to facilitate the effort. However, AFA officials today said the boycott was being called off after the company notified the AFA Ellis has resigned from the board and “his seat on the board will not be replaced by McDonald’s.”

“McDonald’s stated that the company would remain neutral in the culture war surrounding homosexual marriage,” the AFA said.

The pro-family group noted that in an e-mail to McDonald’s franchise owners, the company said, “It is our policy to not be involved in political and social issues. McDonald’s remains neutral on same sex marriage or any ‘homosexual agenda’ as defined by the American Family Association.”

McDonald’s statement, from media relations vice president William Whitman, said the company “stands by and supports our people. Diversity and inclusion are integral components of our brand and our heritage. We continue to have strong employee networks throughout our company and will continue to align our brand with individuals and organizations that share our belief in supporting our people and the communities we serve.”

The “gay” chamber said, “Like all our corporate relationships, McDonald’s USA has been a good partner … there has been no discussion between the NGLCC and McDonald’s regarding continuing membership, nor has the NGLCC been notified of any move not to renew our work together.”

The organization continued, “The NGLCC will continue to align with corporate America in support of equal opportunity for all of America’s worker (sic) and small businesses.”

When Ellis joined the NGLCC board he proclaimed: “I’m thrilled to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce team and ready to get to work. I share the NGLCC’s passion for business growth and development within the LGBT community and I look forward to playing a role in moving these important initiatives forward.”

Ellis had only recently joined McDonald’s USA, previously holding the position of vice president of communications and public affairs for McDonald’s in Canada, a division to which he now apparently is returning.

The American Family Association is one of the largest pro-family organizations in the nation with between 2 and 3 million online supporters.

As WND previously reported, after Wal-Mart joined the NGLCC, its income started declining as Christian organizations reacted to the news.

CNN reported Wal-Mart officials later decided to pursue a lower level of homosexual promotions.

“We are not currently planning corporate-level contributions to GLBT groups,” Mona Williams, the company’s senior vice president of corporate communications, told CNN only months after the issues arose.

The chamber group describes itself as promoting the LGBT community first and always.

Under a “What we do” page is listed a variety of goals, including “disseminate news and information central to the success of LGBT businesses … ensure increased opportunity and equality for LGBT professionals … help LBGT businesses gain more procurement opportunities …. provide strong lobbying efforts for LBGT business causes.”

Other corporate sponsors of the NGLCC include Coors Light and Kodak, who have been leaders in advocating homosexuality, as well as IBM, Wells Fargo, JPMorganChase, Motorola, Intel, Avis, Pepsico, OfficeMax and Coldwell Banker.

It also was revealed Happy Meals profits had been used to send 56 McDonald’s staff members to a meeting in San Diego to strategize about promoting homosexuality within the company.

But the AFA had sought only a statement of neutrality in the culture wars from the company, not an abandonment of its workers or communities.

WND also has reported on AFA’s documentation of McDonald’s sponsorship of a homosexual festival featuring public nudity for both men and women.

The AFA revealed McDonald’s sponsored the 2008 San Francisco “Gay” Pride parade with a television commercial. The ad originally was posted on YouTube by a McDonald’s employee, the group said. “After AFA exposed it, it was removed by the McDonald’s employee,” the AFA said.

The original McDonald’s position supporting the NGLCC agenda, however, came down to a matter of dollars and cents for officials for a family of mutual funds.

They accused McDonald’s officials of “neglecting” their “fiduciary” duty to stockholders by their pursuit of homosexual activism.

“It continues to amaze me that corporations, like McDonald’s, continue to publicly and financially support things that alienate their consumer base,” said Arthur Ally, the president of the Timothy Plan family of mutual funds.

The company refuses to invest with McDonald’s.

“Shareholders as well as customers should be outraged,” Ally said, “at the blatant position this company has taken on this issue. McDonald’s corporation has a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to continue to earn profits and expand their company. By alienating such a large consumer base, the Christian community, they are undoubtedly neglecting this responsibility.”

The AFA’s boycott site comment forum had attracted thousands of comments such as:

  • “America is tired of corporations and organizations twisting the free speech and actions of its citizens into ‘hatred’ when we simply oppose the corporation’s, or organization’s, involvement in areas where we don’t want our money going. Don’t expect any more of my money.”
  • “McDonald’s is a thing of the past for me.”
  • “We love your fries, but we will not compromise truth. You have taken money that our family, and millions of others, have contributed to the success of the McDonald’s Corp. and chosen to use it for an agenda that defies the foundation of our nation, the family, as created by a man and woman.”
  • “I will take [my] 10 great grand children to Wendy’s, Burger King or some other place. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN!”
  • “Yes Wendy’s, I will have a Frosty with that.”
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