The useful idiots of the Republican Party and the #NeverTrump movement


#NeverTrump movement was started by Bill Kristol, who is a Rhino and part of the establishment and the part of the problem and one of the reason why people are voting for Donald J. Trump. He is a neoconservative who wants the U.S to go on militaristic adventures around the world and bank the military industrial complex.

He is the guy who compared Trump to Hitler as well. Anyone with an ounce of common-sense knows that it is not true.

Conservative media icons like Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro have all rallied their viewers behind #NeverTrump and there is a frenzy of ‘useful idiots’ who say they will never vote for Trump as a result. They believe their icons like Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro is fighting against the ‘establishment’ but they have no clue that their icons are taking cues from ‘Bill Kristol the neoconservative the establishment’.

They believe Cruz is Anti-Establishment but look at his history with the Bush family and the banks. Look at how he proudly says “Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney…endorsed me”

The neo-cons have endorsed Cruz. That should say a lot.

The idiotic thing is that the people who hashtag #NeverTrump and people who will not vote for Trump if he is the candidate, expects Trump to back the eventual nominee of the Republican party and they say he is a plant of Hillary Clinton if he doesn’t but they fail to realize that it is not one way, it goes both ways!

How come the people that will never vote for Trump expect Trump and his followers, who surpass their followers, to vote for their handpicked candidate?

If Trump runs as a third party candidate, it would be just their fault. They themselves have just made their fears into reality and there is no point in saying “Trump was a plant of Hillary”

At every stage of the election, they have tried again and again to character assassinate him and to paint his followers as brown shirts.

Even though the followers of Trump far surpass the followers of Cruz, they never did a #NeverCruz movement and they would have voted for Cruz if he was the nominee but the useful idiots and their #NeverTrump movement have pushed them away.

If they think they can win the election by alienating Trump and his followers, they are mistaken.


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