Bernie Sanders is the bitch of Hillary Clinton

When I heard about Bernie Sanders, I was like, finally, even if he is a socialist, he is not a puppet of the banking cartels and doesn’t mold in with the DNC. I was very suspicious but I thought, I will pause my suspicions but I was always looking for his angle in this election. Then I observed two events,

Bernie Sanders helped Hillary Clinton with her email issue during a debate. 

This is what he said

"people 'are sick of hearing about your damn emails'"

Then yesterday,

He apologized to Hillary Clinton. Before he apologized yesterday, I thought, maybe he will apologize because he is a bitch of Hillary and he did exactly that.

Bernie Sanders apologizes to Hillary Clinton for over the data 
Video :

Today, Bernie suspended his own people

Moral of the story :

Either Bernie is trying a strategy here by cozying up to Hillary or He is already promised the Vice President seat or he is just a bitch of Hillary who is in this election to get Hillary elected.

Well, the liberals will say, “Bernie is a decent guy so he apologized” “We want more men like Bernie”

Just wait, he will show more kissing Hillary’s ass.


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