Progressive liberals are social enginnering America

Donald Trump has shaken the political landscape in the U.S and have shown that the news media and Hollywood and Celebrities, majority of whom ally with the liberals because their morals are down the gutter and they want a world that doesn’t point fingers at their moral depravity, are not untouchable.

Think about it, such an old Republic, have just two political parties and the political candidates are elected by billionaire donors.  Don’t you think its a disgrace? It is like a modern day version of the rich buying off slaves in a slave market, the one with the most money gets the whole world under their thumb because the U.S is the top country with influence and power, buying off politicians, especially the President, means the billionaire whose game chicken wins gets the whole world under their feet.

Donald Trump has crushed political correctness and have given courage to majority of Americans to speak up and not cower down in the face of political correctness. Before, people were afraid to say anything in their mind because they would be treated like scum of the society, which the progressive liberals genuinely are. Reverse Psychology much. Reverse psychology is one of their means of social engineering.

No one would be talking about illegal immigration or the massive problem of extremism within the Islamic faith, if it weren’t for him.

We can always see the liberals committing crimes against the Republic and the people by the means of ‘social engineering’

Basically, nearly the whole country/word is saying terrorism is confined to Islam, but the liberals want Christians to be terrorists so they can say “Christians are terrorist”

If an Islamic terrorist commits a crime, they give it small coverage and what they are doing is not reporting the news but trying to paint the terrorism act as work place violence and nothing more.

They always quote things that happened in the very distant past and lone incidents and say Christians are terrorist. What a bunch of crap!

Why not go to AD432 and say that people committed crimes as well then, so lets be lenient of the people in 2015 committing crimes. What kind of logic is that!

So, in order for the news to follow their agenda and narratives, they are committing social engineering.

For example : Donald Trump is not a racist. He is a good human being and the top candidate with polling numbers that the Republic haven’t seen in recent times. The liberals are sorely afraid and they thirst for more power and have great difficulty coming in terms with the fact that their shit is up.

So, how do they take down Donald Trump. They play their usual race card.

Have you noticed a pattern, where, every top Republican candidate are considered racist? For years.

How and why?

By various means.

Their favorite game is to tap the shoulders of the KKK.

The KKK was democrats and is still democrats, nowadays, more like actors who take part in their social engineering.

They have revised history and now say the KKK were Christians who left the Democrats and now they joined the Republicans. What a big lie.

Revising history is also their social engineering technique. Majority of colleges and schools are breeding ground of progressive liberal teachers and professors who solely took up their profession to purposefully distort history and brain wash children. They are militant individuals.

If you have kept up with the news, you should have heard about the KKK donating to Donald Trump and speak highly of him.

Isn’t it suspicious they do this to every top Republican candidate?

For a normal individual, whose basic source of information, is from the leftist press who work with progressive liberals, like the CNN, Huffington Post, Daily Beast and so on, he has no clue sadly but they believe everything they say without questioning. The news media instead of reporting news are trying to create opinion for the people.

So, when they hear newsbyte like “The KKK donates of Donald Trump” They suddenly close their mind to Donald Trump and call him a racist.

They fail to realize that the KKK at present is a puppet of the progressive liberals and take part in their racial social engineering schemes. This is a ploy by the progressive liberals. They keep the KKK on their leash to tarnish the image of conservatives.

They ask the KKK to donate to candidates whom they feel threatened by and pass on the information to the leftist media, who spin it to the people.

Have you wondered? Who in the world have time to keep track of KKK donations and transfer that information to the leftist news media so fast? Unless, there is already a mechanism and agreement between the KKK handlers the progressive liberals and their news media in place which they are using for years!

Another example :

Forest fires and various crimes against the environment

Have you asked yourself? Why do people commit arson and start forest fires? Are they out of their mind?

The answer is, many of them, are agents of progressive liberals. The more forest fires, the more value to their narrative that temperature is increasing and causing forest fires.

When there is a forest fire, the liberal media is on a 24/7 global warming mode until the fire fighters say “It was an arson” then they just change their news and stop reporting on it entirely.

I wouldn’t be surprised if their militant activists screwed up a nuclear power plant and created the news “Nuclear is not safe”

Another example :

Social media and trolling.

Have you asked yourself. Why are there so many fake profiles and social media handles and if these people even have a life. Do they even work for a living?

Answer is : Yes, they work and their work is trolling and spreading disinformation online and they are paid for it and some activist are not, they have taken up their rabid cause rabidly out of their free will.

They dislike and like comments and post comments that are just rude but without any information or logic like “Your mum should have swallowed”when they are faced with extreme truth and logic.

They successful coerce innocent people into their cause online just like ISIS.

They often equate truth mongering to fear mongering

“Conservatives are fear mongering and fear mongers” Basically its a double speak.

Another example :

Christian terrorists

Christian terrorists don’t exist. It is a fantasy of the progressive liberals.

People that shoot at planned parenthood are their rabid agents who want to create this news solely for their social engineering purposes.

When CNN says “A Christian shooter kills people at Planned Parenthood” innocent listeners who don’t know the truth, think, “OH, its not the muslims but the Christians too”

They want to create this news so they invent these crimes. Ever looked into the eyes of these shooters?

Someone Pro-Life shooting and killing and taking a life is like a devout muslim butt fucking another man. It won’t happen. It is just extremely contradictory.

Neither do Christians spray paint a nearby mosque with the words “Jesus” It is extremely contradictory to the teachings of JESUS. What purpose does it serve even? Answer. The purpose of rabid progressive liberals and their social engineering attempts.

These are attempts by progressive liberals to turn the tide against Islamic radicalism.

They know, many people are very cautious about radical Islam and they are going to vote for the Republicans and these radical progressives are attempting to control information and socially engineer it in a way that these people who are voting conservatives fearful of terrorism, will switch their votes and say “Hey, they are terrorists too, why did I want to vote for Donald Trump, he is a fascist”

They are attempting to equate Donald Trump with a fascist. I have seen photoshopped Donald Trump twitter image where he talked very badly of the african americans. BUT, its just photoshopped but normal people who see it will believe it as the truth.

Another example :


Do you think a group of people woke up one day and said “Lets go protest at Donald Trump rally”

No. It is a systamatic preplanned event organized by progressive liberal activists. If they can, they will even infiltrate the meetings of Donald Trump and shout or scream or do other things, just so, the news media cameras can catch it and report it and which they gladly do because most of them are left wing.

But to ordinary people, they don’t ask questions but believe everything. They think people are fed up of Donald Trump. But they fail to realize, these are actors and radical progressive terrorists.

Thats one of the reasons why leftist social engineering works…….people are waking up though.

There are so many examples. You can just find it by watching the news and asking questions. Hope you wake up from your slumber.

Progressive liberalism is like rabies and every progressive liberal is a terrorist in the sense, they are attempting to control information, thoughts and people and give them a false sense of freedom…you have free speech unless you disagree with them.


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