U.S news media eclipses the Nazi propaganda machine

Can I tell you a truth and wake you up?

U.S media is owned by a few corporations owned by a few individuals who ally themselves with certain political parties and they don’t report the news, they report a narrative of the news they want you to believe. There is no freedom of the press and investigative journalism.

They choose and pick whatever news item that adheres to their political beliefs and ignore news if it shows their political beliefs in a negative way and indulge in reverse psychology and various other psychologically manipulative methods to manipulate people’s mind and shape their opinions.

Most people scream “Fox News, Faux News” but they fail to understand they are sipping the same or stronger kool aid from their favorite news media at the same time.

Everything is just scripted.

I believe the U.S media has far surpassed the Nazi/Soviet propaganda machine years ago.


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