What did Phil Roberston really say – Video

Do you ever notice that the people screaming the loudest about the importance of diversity don’t actually believe in diversity?

Exhibit A: Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, Phil is one of the stars. This former star quarterback who played on the same college team as Terry Bradshaw went on to build a successful business making duck calls. Some say the best in the world. Phil is all about faith, family, football and duck hunting.

Phil is also a very plain-spoken 67-year-old man.

But now he is suspended from the hit show based around his family and his family business because the diversity advocates pressured A&E to drop him.

Why? Well if you read the headlines, it’s because Phil is homophobic and said homophobic things.

Let me set the record straight on that one. Anyone using that word for this story doesn’t speak English or understand the word they are using. Homophobia is an irrational fear of homosexuals. That’s what a phobia is, an irrational fear.

Phil Robertson’s comments to GQ magazine might not have been genteel, they might not have been politically correct, but they are not filled with or motivated by an irrational fear.

So what did he say?

Basically, the first thing that offended the grievance mongers is Phil said he likes women, not men.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying?”

Now more than 90% of the men hearing the first part of that are shaking their heads and saying, ‘Yeah man, I know what you mean. And more than 90% of women are thankful that we do.’

But wait, you say, Phil also equated homosexuality with sin. OK, news flash for you here: So does most of Christianity and Judaism and Islam. Heck, so does the beloved Dalai Lama.

Also considered sinful: Sleeping around, having relations with anyone you aren’t married to, all things that Phil also spoke out against. Shocker, he’s an unapologetic Christian. OK, but he compared homosexuality to bestiality. No he didn’t.

He listed off a lot of things that counted as sinful in the Bible. He didn’t compare the two. No one is claiming that he compared sleeping around with a lot of women to homosexuality or bestiality and that was on the same list of sins.

GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz told CNN that Robertson’s comments were out of date and he “better get in line.” GLAAD may fly the rainbow flag, the one that says everyone under the rainbow is welcome, but it’s a lie.

To be welcome in today’s society, you cannot offend the grievance mongers.

Orthodox Christians, not welcome. Duck-hunting hicks, not welcome. And that’s part of what this is about.

The Robertsons are white trash. They hunt, they fish, they make duck calls, they have those ridiculous beards.

They are part of flyover country, that part of the world the cultural gatekeepers would prefer to forget about, or transform through indoctrination.

This is as much about Robertson not speaking like a member of the faculty club as what he said. And the message is clear.

Step out of line and they will shut you down.

Or try.



3 comments on “What did Phil Roberston really say – Video

  1. I agree the sink is more related to what Mr Robertson is than what he said.
    I think it is time everyone spoke out not just let the media lead us like a herd of sheep.
    If you ask a person for their opinion and get it,don’t make a federal case of it because it is different than yours.
    Mr Robertson has his rights too.

  2. He only stated what is in the Bible. Ask for an OPINION and DONT like it? Well, you asked! it is an OPINION I just happen to agree with. Some of us believe in the Bible to go by for OUR way of life; Others have there way of life not like ours. Ask their OPINION on our way of life Post their reaction. WONT be in favor of God, Jesus, or the Bible. But we don’t see that on here…Press only reports what they want to and usually turn it around to make it an issue…Believe in what you think is right and leave everyone else alone. GO PHIL! My family has a lot to learn from yours.

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