Millions of Avast users infected


Avast, one of the leading security software provider based on Prague with 75 million users on Thursay 3/12/2009 released a VPS update 091203-0 which started flagging hundreds of innocent files of high profile products like Adobe, sound card drivers and even other security programs like IObit Security 360 and Malwarebytes as a ‘ Win32:Delf-MZG ‘ Trojan or ‘ Win32:Zbot-MKK’.

However, the company managed to hide this issue from the main stream and at at 5:50 AM GMT , another VPS update 091203-1 was released, fixing the issue.

Hordes of users had their programs deleted and many of them had to format their PCs.

Many millions of users are still unaware that their files and programs were not really infected by a Trojan but by Avast itself.

Users are advised to update their defenitions as quickly as possible and visit

We at ‘Early Today’ were also affected

We are reinstalling Windows itself as a result

This is the biggest blunder in the history of security softwares

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