Physician: Michael Jackson had ‘almost no veins left’


Doctor treating king of pop in 2004 cites evidence of possible illicit drug use

By Aaron Klein

With speculation rampant over the possible role drugs played in the sudden death of pop icon Michael Jackson, a doctor involved in medically treating the singer five years ago says Jackson, at that time, exhibited evidence of possible illicit drug use – specifically, signs of taking drugs intravenously and through snorting.

Although the physician, hospital and city are known to WND, they’re being withheld from publication at the source’s request since he was not authorized to talk to the media on the subject.

“There were almost no veins left on his arms when he came into the hospital,” said the doctor, who was involved in treating Jackson for two days in 2004, when the pop icon came in complaining of extreme foot pain and demanding painkillers.

“Eventually we found a place to start an IV,” the source said.

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He said Jackson entered the hospital anxious and very distraught, but that doctors there could find no evidence the foot pain was real. They feared he was attempting to score painkillers.

For treatment, doctors administered Tranxene, an anti-anxiety agent.

Jackson asked to be admitted to the hospital and administered sleep medication.

“He said he had trouble sleeping and just wanted to go to sleep,” the physician told WND.

ackson was admitted and stayed at the hospital for two days, where he was treated for anxiety and sleep deprivation, he said.

Jackson evidenced collapsed veins and needle marks in both his arms, signs of possible illicit drug use, the source told WND.

Also, he said there was strong evidence Jackson had been regularly snorting drugs – evidence that takes into account possible scarring from reconstructive nasal surgery.

The episode may help shed light on Jackson’s medical history and possible troubles leading to his untimely demise two days ago. Although complete autopsy and blood results may be weeks away, early speculation is focusing on painkillers as causing or contributing to his death.

Celebrity website quoted a Jackson family member as saying the pop superstar was receiving a daily dose of Demerol, a morphine-like pain medication.

According to reports, Jackson’s medical treatment is now the focus of a police investigation, with law enforcement officials seeking to interview one of Jackson’s doctors and reportedly seizing a physician’s car they said may contain drugs or other evidence.

Police spokeswoman Karen Rayner told the Associated Press police towed a BMW from Jackson’s rented California home “because it may contain medications or other evidence that may assist the coroner in determining the cause of death.”

Rayner said the car belongs to one of Jackson’s doctors whom police wanted to interview. She said she did not know the doctor’s identity and stressed the doctor was not under criminal investigation.

One of Jackson’s doctors was reportedly in the house with the pop star when he stopped breathing and suffered an apparent cardiac arrest

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