Will the Iran Revolution Fail?


The Iranian revolution unfortunately will probably fail because the of the complete misunderstanding of the Middle East mindset. This has caused foreign policies of the West that have been based on a false premise, serving its so called perceived interests that also encompass UN corruption, stability of oil supplies and a failure to understand the domination of Islam in the Middle East.

George W. Bush’s policy of encouraging democracy in the Middle East was well intended but misguided and the current policy of appeasement by President Barack Obama while at the same time deliberately finding problems with a real democracy and ally Israel is equally flawed.

The West has had two main issues with the Middle East that it always fails to understand through a combination of greed and ignorance of the Islamic culture. The Arab and especially the Islamic culture are based on pride and shame. Islam shuns freedom and democracy; Sharia law is all encompassing in the Middle East and cannot be compatible with a free open democratic society. Islam is a political and constitutional government subservient to no other government system. Its objective is world domination like Nazism but worse because God told them to do it, not Hitler.

The Western government foreign ministries and the US State department have always chosen to ignore there own so-called values (freedom and democracy) when coming to do business with Middle Eastern leaders. We hypocritically are willing to ruin the environment in the Middle East but here in America we feign environmental responsibility by vilifying oil companies and stop them for drilling and the exploitation of fossil fuels. America could easily be self sufficient in energy as well as pursuing better environmental alternatives, which in effect would strengthen our moral positions when it comes to dealing with Middle Eastern tyrants. Oil companies have also played an immoral card too but that is for another article.

So what is the best policy to solve the Middle East problem? It is very easy, ignore and isolate them. Because we depend on their oil we currently cannot ignore them but must engage and continue to patch our relationships with questionable allies and we reason with our enemies which now is President Obama’s new policy. So we must do the opposite and start now to be serious about developing our own sources of fossil fuels which we definitely have and at the same time develop technologies of alternatives energy, as well as technologies that use existing fossil fuel supplies more efficiently. If we were self sufficient in fossil fuels we could tell the Saudis to whistle Dixie, provide unqualified support for Israel our ally, without having to accommodate “the Palestinian propaganda lie, ” which we do in order to curry favor with the Arab tyrant.

For the potential revolution in Iran to succeed with a more friendly government to the US and the West, as well as a dismantling of their desire to acquire nuclear weapons is a potential windfall to save Israel and the US from a military confrontation; this can only succeed with major united stand from the Western leaders. Unfortunately the US administration is failing to take the opportunity to exploit fully the overthrow of the mad Mullahs of Iran.

Just like George Bush Senior who formed a coalition of nations outside the UN to defeat the Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War, so should the current president form a large coalition of countries willing to place major diplomatic pressure on the Mullahs to step down and to even place troops from the USA on Iraqi boarder as well as Afghan border which will alarm the Mullahs. A major gambit is now required that the political climate in Iran dictates. Unfortunately the US government will appease and stand off allowing the Mullahs to crack down on the protestors who will give up in a few weeks when the West as usual fails to take advantage of the situation and we return to the game of chicken with President Ahmajinadad.

The weakness of the West compares exactly to the 1930s. We will suffer great long term repercussions based on our failure to act upon this opportunity. Fear to act boldly always emboldens the enemy to be even more aggressive., any student of history can tell you that.

Keith Davies
Director Walid Shoebat Foundation

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