By Chris M. Thomas

Few days back I started using Twitter out of curosity expecting my mobile to be jammed with sms updates but I was dismayed that I didn’t even get one. I started researching and I found out that Twitter stopped sending “international” sms from August last year because if they continued sending sms aligning with their growing popularity from one network to another then their balance sheet will all be red.

According to their blog, international billing problems and the high cost of providing the service in some markets (73 Euros for 35 tweets) made no sense to them and decapitated their ability even to charge users. Twitter is not the same without sms updates even though you have 3G or a broadband connection.

As a matter of fact I don’t like to use my computer all the time just to read the 140 character updates or to browse its ailing site through my mobile. I don’t like to spoil my keypads and straining my eyes to update my status+

I researched even some more and I found out a site that offers free Twitter sms supported by

This site offer free sms for Twitter users even thought its a little bit rusty. You also have the option to receive tweets by entering the keywords that you like. You can also change the number of tweets you wish to receive and on which day of the week you desire to receive them. For Church going people, you don’t want to feel the sense of vibration in your pocket every hour receiving tweets in your mobile.

Upon registeration you receive an activation code that you need to enter and activate. This site is not affliated to Twitter in an way.

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