Sex in DA’s office is legal – claims DA!


District attorney admits adultery, but says nothing criminal about conduct

William Higgins

A district attorney in Pennsylvania who admits having adulterous sex in his office claims no crime was committed, and says the private complaint filed by the woman involved is politically motivated.

William Higgins, who is 34 and married, says he’s cooperating with state officials and will not resign his position as top prosecutor in Bedford County.

”The allegations are untrue and, sadly, they appear to be politically motivated,” Higgins told the Altoona Mirror. ”It’s unfortunate that this is the path that this woman has chosen to take. It took a lot of political pressure to make this happen.”

Higgins, a Republican, noted it has been six weeks since the July 10 encounter at his courthouse office.

”I’m not going to let this detract from my job as district attorney,” he said. ”I’m committed to doing the job that I was elected to do despite the political situation that’s going on right now. I have a lot of faith in the system, and I have a lot of faith that the truth will come out.”

The sexual liaison with the woman, who has not been identified, followed a committee meeting of Bedford County Republicans, for which Higgins was vice chairman at the time.

He says he met the woman at the fundraiser, and she later drove to his office to meet him, stressing the sex was consensual.

“I think the facts will bear that out,” Higgins told the Associated Press.

“She drove to my office 15 minutes after I arrived, on her own, and she drove away on her own,” Higgins said. “She had called me and asked if she could come by.”

Pennsylvania’s attorney general’s office said the woman alleges sexual misconduct by Higgins, but it’s not releasing a copy of her complaint, noting it’s not public record unless it leads to any criminal charge.

”We’ve accepted the case,” attorney general spokesman Kevin Harley told the Mirror. ”We will assign a prosecutor to the case. We will investigate as well and represent the commonwealth.” : , , , , , ,
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