Stompin’ the foreign competition



At All American Clothing Co., the goal is to provide you with the most comfortable jeans you ever will wear, and they are willing to back up their claim with a “no questions asked” return policy.

All American Clothing is a family-owned company that furnishes clothing to folks like you and the labor market as well. As the company has developed over the years, it has grown from mainly distributing American-made jeans that were made by others to sewing and selling its own brand.

I recently ordered my own pair of All American Clothing Co.’s new 100 percent made-in-USA jeans with a big leather patch on the back (you’ll need to specify you want this option) that says “All American Clothing Co.” and “USA” in big capital letters. Also on the patch along the bottom are the words “Keeping jobs in the USA.”

I couldn’t be happier or more proud with these 100 percent American-made jeans. As your friends and co-workers see these jeans when you’re on the job or elsewhere, there will be no doubt about your proud commitment to American jobs and an economically healthier country.

Lawson Nickol, a partner in the company, says, “We are currently reviewing newly produced samples of a more traditional fit. We are adding a female type fit in the work apparel style. We are not a fashion statement jean. We are just a good ole’ comfortable fitting and durable jean.” And at All American you’ll also find denim shirts, jackets and non-denim apparel as well.

All American Clothing Co. is fast becoming one of the best-known sources of USA-made jeans. Their jeans use only USA-made raw materials and are cut and sewn in the USA. When you order from All American, every dollar used in the process of making and supplying your jeans will benefit the U.S. economy.

Have you ever been in the store looking for boots and faced the daunting task of having to find American-made boots among the many boots in stock that you just knew were going to be foreign made? It seems almost like looking for a needle in a haystack!

But now you can get all your American-made work boots in just one place, and you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that none of them will have “Made in China” tags on them on arrival at your door.

At, they have a large selection of work boots made by American workers from an assortment of respectable and well-known companies. You can choose from Carolina, Chippewa, Double H, Wolverine, Justin, and even Cape Shoe.

Cape Shoe unfortunately has gone out of business. But fortunately has the remaining stock of these great boots, and they are specially priced for clearance as well. And those aren’t the only specials you can find at the store. carries boots for men and women, and they have made the ordering process as hassle-free as possible. For example, they offer “no charge” returns and exchanges. You never will be charged a fee to exchange or return your footwear. If you decide to exchange an item for a different size, they will even pay to have your new footwear choice shipped to you. That’s a policy that’s hard to beat.


Roger Simmermaker is the author of “How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism.” He also writes “Buy American Mention of the Week” articles for his website, and is a member of the Machinists Union and National Writers Union. Roger has been a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC and has been quoted in the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report, among many other publications. : , , , , , , ,
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