43 Families of Migron Can ‘Breathe Easy

Story from Arutz Sheva

The Defense Minister’s settlement advisor says the government will not be able to meet the summer deadline it set for the destruction of Migron.

The 43 families of Migron – a Jewish neighborhood in the southern Binyamin region of Samaria, with the official status of “unauthorized outpost” – have apparently passed yet another hurdle on their way to becoming a permanent Jewish presence in the Land of Israel. Despite the efforts of the radical left-wing Peace Now organization, which led to a government pledge to destroy Migron by this coming August, it now appears that this pledge will not be fulfilled.

“Migron will not be evacuated by August,” Eitan Baroshi, the Defense Minister’s Advisor for Settlement Affairs, told Army Radio this morning, “despite the State’s promise to the Supreme Court.” Baroshi said that the goal is to reach an agreement with the residents on relocation to a nearby spot, and to avoid a violent evacuation – but that this will take time.

Migronites: We’re Not Leaving
The residents of Migron are pleased, though not particularly surprised. More than anything else, they are insistent that they will not leave their homes of their own volition. “We are the testing ground for all the residents of Judea and Samaria,” it was written recently in an internal Migron memo, “vis-a-vis the government’s weakness. We are the first stone in the dam, but it is within our power to prevent the fall of the entire dam.”

Itai Harel of Migron told Arutz-7, “Despite rumors to the contrary, we are very strong and very firm, and we have no intention of leaving on our own.” Shuki Sat, another resident, said, “Migron is in the consensus, and we will not fall. If someone wants to evacuate something, let them find some empty containers on a hilltop, not an existing, thriving community.”

Strategically Located
Migron was founded in 2002 on a strategic hilltop overlooking the main Jerusalem-Shomron highway, between Psagot, Adam and Michmas. Former IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon, then the Central District Commander who was a strong force behind Migron’s establishment, said at the time that it was strategically important for Israel to grab that spot.

Migron quickly grew to over 40 families, a spurt that was abruptly stopped when the government – which had provided roads and infrastructures – tightly clamped down on bringing new caravans into the town. Migron currently has 50 caravans and two permanent houses.

Peace Now placed Migron in its sights, seeking out and finding Arabs who claimed to own some of the land on which Migron was built. A court suit demanding Migron’s destruction was filed, ultimately leading to the government’s August threat. The government is hoping to decide where to relocate the residents by August, but the acutal relocation – even if the residents agree – could take months or years.

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