Israeli Christian Boy Receives a Deadly Gift

Israeli Christian Boy Receives a Deadly Gift

By Chris Mitchell

CBN News Mideast Bureau Chief

March 25, 2008



Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Inside Israel– JERUSALEM, Israel – Last week, 15-year-old Ami Ortiz, the son of an Israeli pastor opened a holiday package during the Jewish celebration of Purim. He thought it was a gift. Instead it was a bomb.

Bomb Heard Around the Globe

News of this terror attack has reverberated throughout Israel and around the world.

Praying for Ami Ortiz

Arsonists Burn Jerusalem Worship House

Messianic Jews under
Fire in Israel

The bombing took place in the Israeli town of Ariel in Samaria. It destroyed the family apartment of David Ortiz, a Messianic pastor. The force of the blast was so strong it shattered car windows three stories below.

His son, Ami, suffered major injuries including second and third degree burns, shrapnel in one lung, and wounds from head to toe.

Despite the life-threatening injuries, Ami survived – an outcome doctors called a miracle.

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