Homosexual ‘nuns’ mock Christianity

2008 WorldNetDaily

A San Francisco-based homosexual organization that has run “Revival Bingo” and whose members have taken communion in a Catholic church in full costume regalia chose Resurrection Sunday to stage its 2008 “hunky Jesus ” competition.

“This behavior is shameful,” said a commentator on the Roman Catholic blog, which has monitor the activities of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” in prior events.

“It’s meant to scandalize and offend people, and those responsible certainly succeed in that regard,” the blog said. “The blasphemy you see is one of the ways these people seek to reinforce their fantasy that God is either a myth or indifferent to their lifestyle choices, no matter how obviously unnatural (at least to anyone who is not bereft of what should be common sense). Those who insist that acts of blasphemy and indecency, and shameless acts of perversion are harmless – or even acts of virtue – do so because of moral blindness resulting from obstinacy in evil…”

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